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Are you looking for a way to improve the quality of your internet presence, but aren’t really sure what to do? One thing to consider is investing in professional photography for your business. Small businesses are often afraid of taking this step. After all, with the quality of cameras improving (even our cell phones have great cameras now), why pay hundreds of dollars for someone else to take photos? How do you know you will even end up with something you can use?

There are many reasons for investing in professional photography for your business:

  1. Quality photographs will showcase your products/business in the best light, which can result in increased sales.
  2. You control the way your business is presented when you use professional images on your website and in your social media and print marketing.
  3. Good photographs are not dependent on camera quality. They are dependent on the photographer’s skill.
  4. Lighting is an important element of quality photographs, and few amateurs have the skill to properly light their subjects.

We don’t want to suggest you cannot ever use candid shots. They are an important part of social media marketing and a great way to engage your audience. But, it is important that you have quality professional images to use on your website, in print marketing, and for promoted social media advertising.

One of the services The Box provides to its clients is teaming with photographers to collaborate on photo shoots that will best serve those clients. Because we are familiar with the businesses we work with and we know what their website and social media needs are, we can help direct the photographers’ work to ensure the end results will best serve the client (while at the same time allowing the photographers to use their skill and creativity to do what they know best.) It’s a win/win for all concerned. Contact us for more information and check out some of the great professional images our clients are using!


Photo by Gina Davison Photography

Photo by Gina Davison Photography

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susanatthebox - Susan has a background in computer programming, systems analysis, and technology consulting. She became a freelance web developer in 2008 and owner of The Box Web Design in 2013. She is available to help with all your website and online marketing needs as well as speaking engagements related to small business marketing.

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