The Box provides services in four main areas:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Content Development/Content Writing
  • Managed Hosting
  • Logo Development/Graphic Design

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We work with you to understand your needs, goals and audience so that the products we deliver to you accurately and effectively represent your business or non-profit. We have both the technical expertise to keep your website running and the marketing expertise to help you develop content and identify areas that will enhance your business. If you desire, we become a member of your team, providing services at a level that works best for your business. We provide most services ourselves and have experienced professionals we can bring on-board when you have a specialized need. If we maintain your website’s content, we are also able to host your site, which means you have one place to call for all your needs—no need to worry about where the problem lies, The Box has your back.

Web Design San Antonio


Web Design and Development

At The Box, we are customer-focused. We know that in order to develop a website that will meet your needs, we first need to know you. Our goal is to create a custom-developed site that projects your business image and meets your business needs. We will not just build a cookie-cutter site. We will help advise you on website features that can enhance your business, ensuring your website becomes an integral part of your overall business plan, not just an address on the internet.

The Box specializes in WordPress sites, ensuring you are able to easily edit the text and images on your site, giving you full-control of your content (training is included with your new site or if you choose our managed hosting package, we will maintain the content for you.) Other advantages to WordPress:

  • because of its wide use, you will always be able to find someone to maintain your site
  • you can start with a basic site and have it grow with your business without having to start over
  • there are many plugins available to enhance your site without having to pay for custom software
  • there is a great community of people constantly working to enhance and improve WordPress, ensuring it continues to be a useful platform as the World Wide Web evolves


Website content is what determines if your site will provide a benefit for your business. Content is what search engines, like Google, use to determine whether to show your site to people searching the internet. Unfortunately, in spite of its critical importance, content is the area many businesses struggle with when developing a new site (or updating an existing one). Common obstacles to providing website content are:

  • no one in the company has time to develop the content
  • it is difficult to decide what content to include
  • it is unclear how to best organize the content

Once again, we able to provide peace of mind for you. While many website design firms will not manage content at all, it is one of The Box’s core business areas.  If you need help writing your content, we will conduct interviews to learn about your business, then will create the content for you, working with you to refine it until it accurately reflects your business. We can also provide editing services if you prefer to develop your own content. If you choose our managed hosting package, we are also able to maintain your content over time.



Managed Hosting is the cornerstone of our “peace of mind” commitment to our clients.

We partner with LiquidWeb to provide managed WordPress hosting that includes:

  • SSL
  • Daily Backups
  • WordPress, Plugin and Theme updates
  • Malware Monitoring
  • 30 minutes of website content updates/month
  • 5 email mailboxes  (additional mailboxes available for an additional charge)

What this means is, we take care of your website for you. You do not have to worry about keeping the site software updated, we take care of it (this service goes beyond the automated updates that many managed hosting services provide. It is common for automated updates to fail. When this happens, we manually perform the updates).

If you have issues with your site, you call us.  If you need a content update, you call us. If you need another email mailbox, or need one blocked or removed, you call us. While many of our clients come to us because they have an immediate need for a website, they stay with us because of the peace of mind we provide their business, knowing they don’t have to worry about their website.


Your logo is like a small billboard for your company. It immediately identifies your brand and sends a message about the people behind the products. At first glance, it needs to convey a high quality of professionalism and credibility in the eyes of your customer. Over time your logo will establish your identity.  Let our team help you brand your business!

In addition to logos, we are available to help our clients with other custom graphic design needs.

The Box Web Design Logos